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Passionate, energetic and have over 20 years experience in building Event Marketing strategies and managing, coaching and educating specialists in strategic event marketing in b-t-b business. Pioneers and founders of data driven strategic event marketing. Energetic team builders connecting knowledge, experience and ideas. We stand for professionality and quality.

At your conferences and seminars we often speak & share our ideas and learnings on strategic approaches of event marketing.

Marike Dragt
Marike Dragt
After graduating from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht in 1996, Marike started her career in different sales and marketing positions within the hotel industry. She continued her career as interim (marketing) communication professional within large corporates in the Netherlands. The last 10 years Marike has been working in 3 different leadership positions within ING, a multinational financial institution with 52,000 employees, offering retail and Wholesale Banking services to customers in over 40 countries. Her expertise has been building teams – both domestic as global scope -, responsible for sponsoring and events and focused mainly on the strategic alignment of all global sponsorships and events, aiming to make them more relevant and valuable each and every day.
Maayke Könemann
Maayke Könemann
After graduating from the Hotel Management School in Maastricht in 2003, Maayke started her career in trade shows at Telegraaf Media Group, one of Hollands largest publishers, and later at RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre.  Over the past 10 years, Maayke has been working in various sponsorship and event related positions within ING. Within her last position, she was a strategic advisor for senior executives on relationship marketing & sponsoring policy for Wholesale Banking globally. Her expertise covers designing strategic event marketing & sponsorships policy, global policy roll out, cross border alignment and stakeholder management.


Events are the most valuable marketing tool for relationship minded companies, who would like to grow their business in a sustainable way.

But are events always seen as that important? Would you like to change the importance of events within your organisation? Are you looking for proof points on your successes? Strive for a more structured event approach? And do you have the ambition to get more relevant insights in your event portfolio, so you can report on data instead of goodies?

We guide you and your team towards a transformation into a long term event marketing and sponsoring approach. With the focus on strategy and target group, structural instead of ad hoc, proactive instead of reactive. This results in a one way of working, a clear client approach and high energized event pro’s in your team.


“Marike and Maayke contributed to the change process within the EMEA marketing team. Supporting a new and strategic way of thinking towards event marketing, by using a structured and central approach.”

Monika van Hoogenvest, VP Global Strategic Marketing, Korn Ferry

“Marike en Maayke hebben met hun data gedreven analyse heldere inzichten verschaft waardoor wij met hen een vernieuwde strategische aanpak op events hebben kunnen neerzetten, welke door de gehele organisatie wordt gedragen. Dit heeft ons enorm geholpen in het verder professionaliseren van onze evenementen en daarnaast mijn werk nog interessanter en leuker gemaakt dan het al was.”

Tamara Cheizoo , Content & Communicatiespecialist, Centraal Beheer

“Herewith I would like to recommend the services of Marike and Maayke. I worked with both for over past 10 years at ING. I regard them highly as professionals in their field of expertise; corporate event strategy. The strategic approach had a positive impact on the sales effectiveness. They were respected advisors to senior management in their field of expertise.

I recommend the services of Dragt & Könemann without any reservation.”

Marleen Crooijmans, Former Global Head of Marketing, ING Wholesale Banking

“Marike & Maayke hebben me laten zien wat er bij het opzetten van een event strategie komt kijken. Op een heel relaxte wijze weten ze met concrete oplossingen te komen die zonder hun ervaring veel langer zouden duren. Een prettig team die je echt wil helpen jouw organisatie te laten groeien door een betere en gerichtere aanpak op event marketing.”

Rutger Bremer, Co-founder & managing director Momice