We all live in uncertain times. Nobody knows how long it will take until our life, as we know it, will restart. Within a few months, everything changed. The way we (can) work, the way kids go to school, the way we spend our free time …..
The event business was one of the first businesses that was hit severely. A big loss, as live events are the most valuable marketing tool for relationship minded companies, who would like to grow their business in a sustainable way. To truly connect and feel who we are doing business with.
What do all the current developments and changes mean for the future? At the moment nobody knows how long it will take before we can start with meeting each other again.
We face a hectically period, but we hope this might calm down a bit once we are more used to the ‘new normal’. And then here might be time for some reflection. Reflection for event marketers on your event strategy, reflection on the team performances, on your current way of working and on your own performances. Questions could arise like: ‘Do I have good insights into the efficiency and effectiveness of my event approach?’ ‘I allocate a substantial budget towards event related activities but do I have a clear picture of the benefits and outcomes of these expenses?’
To be able to see the urge to make changes, it is wise to start with insights to define your starting point. You can gather proper insights by using relevant data. And talking about data, don’t’ think about complicated algorithms, rather than strategic information regarding the total of events that your company is organising. It is information you probably already have but the challenge is to use it from an overall perspective.
Having these insights and knowing what your objectives are, enables you to start with (re)defining your strategic approach, your dot on the horizon. Although we do not know now where we will be in three to six months or a year from now, your dot will guide you towards the new normal. Guide you in a structured approach and a way of thinking. And maybe in some time, when you look back, you might see this new normal is a blessing in disguise.
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