DK Corporate Event Strategy & The Creative Dots joining forces to raise awareness of the need to speak & think strategic about events. We have initiated the first Female Leaders in Event Strategy round table in July with participants coming from four European countries and representing companies such as Bayer, Tata Consultancy Services, SAP and Sage Ibera. The event was professionally moderated was by Claire Forestier.
The group gathered online and discussed how they experienced the last three months, the role of events in the marketing mix, the future of events and how they see what (new) skills are needed from event professionals and how they see leadership in in these hectic and changing times.

Remarkable is the positive mindset of all participants. They experience the current situation as a challenging but certainly also as a chance to REthink. Events remain a key element of the marketing mix. And the opportunity now, is the chance to integrate & design events within the customer journey. Focus more on the why and for whom, rather than the how.

According to the ladies, “online is here to stay and we begin to move towards hybrid” Furthermore, they believe that today’s good leader is yesterday’s good leader; but they have to build on top of their quality and skills as Current leaders are required today to be openminded and very strong in lateral thinking. Innovative, creative, open to new processes and new ways in understanding and ready to be adaptable and comfortable in changing perspective.
Stay tuned for more information on the community and our next round table – September 2020